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Did you know that the traumas and dramas experienced over a lifetime
frequently result in charged emotions that, over time, become “stuck”
at the cellular memory in the body? When not cleared, these trapped
emotions may manifest into physical illness and dis-ease that can keep
you from moving forward in your life. Emotions are the secret ingredient
to deep and lasting healing.


Soul Healing for WEb

Emotional Healing Made Easy with Carolyn Cohen focuses on healing at the soul level
and encompasses techniques based on the principles of quantum physics. Clients
appreciate the unique combination of healing expertise, humor and deep compassion
she brings.

Who Can Benefit?

Emotional Healing Made Easy is for you if you are experiencing:

  • emotional trauma
  • chronic or recurring health challenges
  • a feeling of disconnection or being not at home in the world
  • dissatisfaction with life and the desire to find a new way of being
  • a general sense of dis-ease
  • miscarriage

Why Work with Carolyn?

Here are just a few benefits of Emotional Healing Made Easy:

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  • You will immediately feel understood and validated
  • You will experience more peace and compassion
  • You will receive help from a medical intuitive and
    expert healer with more than 20 years of experience
  • You will know you are not alone and feel more hopeful
  • You will receive simple wisdom, encouragement and support
    from someone who has been where you are
  • You will receive emotional and spiritual healing at a deep level

A Note from Carolyn

I have been helping others my entire life. At an early age I felt I was “different” from others—misunderstood,
not connected, and always out of sync or missing a beat. I didn’t understand why I could feel other people’s
pain and emotions. I always felt there was more to life than what I was experiencing.

NOW, today… I know why I felt this way and had these experiences. I was using my life to begin to train myself
how to help others at a deep level that is not visible to the naked eye. I was training myself to become a
“detective for the soul” and help find a way to help others let go of pain, suffering and emotional blockages.

I see this as an extraordinary gift and am very blessed and thankful that I use my God-given abilities
to bring more light, hope and freedom to someone’s world and the world around them.

May your world be filled with Fairy Dust, Peace and Love,
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P.S. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a healing session!