Carolyn Cohen is a modern-day intuitive and master healer…

carolyn photoCarolyn is the creator of Emotional Healing Made Easy, Carolyn specializes in clients who have been from person to person seeking solutions to longstanding or chronic physical, emotional and spiritual health challenges. She brings 20+ years of experience to her clients, providing healing for mind, body and spirit with a focus on empowering individuals facing prolonged illness, disease or discomfort.

As a former therapist with experience working in psychiatric hospitals, Carolyn saw people return again and again with the same problems, the same stories, and the same stuck energy. “When you have been to doctor after doctor and you are experiencing stress, conflict and turmoil, your soul is really crying out for you to wake up,” she says. “I will meet you where you are on your healing journey and use my gifts to help you to find a path forward.”

No stranger to healing and transformation, Carolyn began teaching the mind-body connection to wellness 25 year ago after facing a life-threatening illness that resulted in her being confined to her home (for 3 ½ years). At her lowest point, she began to listen to God. Then, three days after a near-death experience in 1990, what she calls her “God-jolt,” Carolyn began to see “stuck energy,” sometimes in the form of diseased cells, inside people’s bodies.

When she found (and applied) this inward path to healing, she saw her life change. Now, she helps others to reframe their situation and see themselves in a different light, so that true healing can begin.

As a child, Carolyn sensed the energy of people around her. She adopted stray animals from salamanders and frogs along with ducks and chickens, an early indicator of her life purpose of service to others. At age 11, she and twin sister Marilyn lost their mother. The two began separate, though intertwined journeys back to healing, which they describe in their book Whose Illness Is It, Anyway?

“If you’re in a rut or a downward spiral, you don’t have to live your life this way,” says Carolyn. “There is light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to find it. It’s not about what I can do for you. It’s about the language I use that you can use for yourself,” she adds. “As you develop your inner muscles, you naturally connect to the language of your soul. You begin to change how you talk to yourself and how you treat yourself. And then your perception of your world shifts, resulting in even more healing.”

Carolyn holds master degrees in counseling and medical science. She co-hosted The Quest Metaphysics radio show, is also the author of Precious Reflections and I Commit, and was featured with her twin sister Marilyn Segal, in the TBS documentary, “The Heart of Healing,” narrated by Jane Seymour. She lives in Jupiter, FL with her husband, Mike, where she has a private practice and also assists with the management of The Center for Brain Training, helping others to bring their brains back to balance without medication.

Contact Carolyn for workshops, speaking and interview opportunities. To see if you are a good fit for Emotional Healing Made Easy, request a 10-minute consultation.

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